Managed Payroll services

Being paid the right amount at the right time is fundamental to the relationship between the employer and the employee and vital to the smooth running of a business.  While payroll management systems are working smoothly people take it for granted, but when those systems fail and people don’t get paid as expected payroll quickly becomes a critical issue.

Trusted to deliver

CGI is trusted by many of the UK’s largest public sector and commercial organisations to deliver managed payroll services: efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.  Each year in the UK we process over £18 billion in salary payments ensuring people are paid the right amount at the right time, all the time.

Our customers come to us and stay with us because we deliver an unrivalled combination of security, service and value for money.

As a Public Service Network Service Provider (PSNSP), we work to the highest standards of data security and Cyber protection.  Our ePayfact application is hosted on CGI’s Secure Government Cloud, meaning we have Pan Government Accreditation for our governance and security assurances. 

Uniquely among managed payroll providers, we offer dedicated account management with consultants who work collaboratively with clients to ensure their payments solution meets today’s needs and keeps pace with evolving business and regulatory requirements.

Our outsourced service desk has been recognised for its excellence by the Service Desk Institute for five consecutive years.  CGI is the only outsourced service desk in the world with 5 Star certification.  This service care permeates through all we do.

Fully flexible payroll solutions

CGI’s managed payroll solution is delivered as a full service or as a SaaS option for clients who run their own payroll teams. 

We use our own IP platform, ePayfact2.0, which we designed and built to provide the reliability, security and flexibility expected by our customers.  ePayfact2.0 is fully customisable, allowing us to configure the solution around the exact needs of your organisation.

CGI managed payroll services are available on other leading platforms including Oracle, SAP, STAR and others.

CGI Managed Payroll at a glance

  • A trusted provider with over 40 years’ experience of delivering managed payroll services.  CGI values are present in everything we do.
  • Accredited with 5 Star certification by Service Desk Institute (SDI) for five consecutive years
  • CGI pays 68% of civil servants and over 60% of central government employees in the UK, achieving unparalleled accuracy and client satisfaction.
  • Government-approved security and data protection with accredited governance, protocols and 24/7 security monitoring by our own dedicated Cyber Security Business Unit; At CGI, cyber security is part of everything we do
  • Professional account management with dedicated consultants to meeting changing needs and maintaining best-in-class customer satisfaction
  • ePayfact2.0: CGI’s proprietary application is fully configurable around your organisation’s needs, scaling from one employee to 100,000.  Highly competitive and flexible contractual terms are always available to new clients.

About CGI

We are part of CGI, a global leader in business process and IT outsourcing with a proven track record for delivering major projects on time, on budget and securely for leading organisations across the commercial sectors and government in the UK, North America and Europe.