Dream Connectors

CGI in our communities 

Dream Connectors is a global Corporate Social Responsibility programme which aims to bring us closer to our communities. Our theme in the UK is Cyber Safety and Awareness –keeping the children and young people in our communities safe online.

Our mission was support and engage our 5000 members to initiate those conversations within their local communities and specifically, to engage children and young adults on the importance of ‘Beeing Internet Safe’.

Dream Connectors volunteering effort focused initially on supporting National Internet Safety Day events on Tues 7 February 2017. A team of enthusiastic CGI members visited Primary and Secondary schools engaging children and delivering year group assemblies, lessons and classroom based activities on the theme of Be the Change: Unite for a Safer Internet.

Dream Connector volunteers engaged nearly 1200 children, aged between 5 and 15 years, on that single day.

Building on this success our programme extended the volunteering opportunity through to the end of the summer school term, to enable our members, to volunteer at a local school or youth organisation and engage children on the topic of Bee Internet Safe. As with all our volunteering opportunities, it was a perfect opportunity for CGI members to try something new, enhance skills and extend their work experience.

With over 1400 children reached to date, our Dream Connectors UK Programme continues to engage with our local communities and our top tips flyer continues to facilitate those open and honest conversations with friends and family around what can be practically done remain safe online.

The postcards provide practical links for advice and guidance to engender the right behaviours and make the internet a positive user experience.

"Our aim in FY2017 is to involve CGI members in their local communities; giving their time to connect, educate, raise awareness and share knowledge with children on how to be internet safe"

Please feel free to download our top tips flyer and join in with the programme, Bee Internet Safe!