Our innovative clinical mobile app, allowing care professionals to securely search and view patient profiles by name, ward, specialty or consultant and then access test results and documents.
London, United Kingdom, 05 September 2018 - Musgrove Park Hospital in Somerset has formed a partnership with CGI, Marand and Apperta Foundation that will help both patients and healthcare professionals by delivering an e-Prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA) solution to increase the quality of care.


400,000 + centralised UK military health records


Millions of European citizens have  secure electronic patient  records


195+ million people covered by health  plans served by CGI


For health organisations, patient expectations are rising and demands for services are growing, along with the costs of providing care. At the same time, there is continuous pressure on budgets and resources.

While the NHS has set broad targets for achieving a fully integrated, paperless care system, every Trust is on its own journey to transformation – with their own digital roadmap and set of local circumstances to manage.

CGI works in partnership with Trusts to deliver a full spectrum of digital solutions, in areas including e-Prescribing, intelligent health and care, mobile apps, clinical electronic records (e-CareLogic) and secure content sharing.

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