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The Asset Finance industry has long been earmarked for a contact free future. Our Director of Asset Finance Anne Jenkins explores why this has yet to pass, and what is...

Banking expert, Chantal Constable discusses how financial services providers are and should be responding to Covid-19 by implementing new strategies as their ’new normal’ customers enter the collections cycle.

Banking expert, Phil Skinner looks into the recent decreasing use of cash and if it’s now the time to adopt new payment solutions.

The Asset Finance industry has been hit hard by the global pandemic, and our expert Anne Jenkins explores how leveraging new and accurate data could be the key to businesses...

The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financial industry far exceeds anything we have seen in our lifetime. Record unemployment, voluminous requests for hardship support, and the likelihood...

5G at the time of COVID-19: the real challenges and opportunities

Noemi de Hevia Mendez

Before COVID-19, 5G was a priority not only for most mobile network operators but also for government and industry. Now, the pandemic will inevitably impact 5G deployment plans and present...

Managing collections in unprecedented times to help customers and safeguard competitiveness

John Jensen
John Jensen

Today, we face an unprecedented global health and economic crisis as we continue to combat the spread of COVID-19. Economically, this crisis is very different from the last major economic...

The Evolution of Outsourcing

Richard Evans
Richard Evans

Outsourcing business services has become commonplace in recent years, as medium and large businesses have sought efficient and more economical growth strategies. Will the recent pandemic change our attitudes toward...

COVID-19: Alleviating payment burden on customers while maintaining cash flow

Alan Griffiths
Alan Griffiths

The country’s lock down is creating loss of business, income and jobs for many, translating into the inability – or fear of – keeping up with payments. So how can...

Digital innovation never felt so important

Adam Kobeissi
Adam Kobeissi

Following our successful Emerging Technology Immersion Day, Adam Kobeissi penned his thoughts on the Asset Finance industry as a whole, and some of the challenges they are currently facing.