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Marcus Martinez discusses the evolution of technology and how customer data is now the most valuable asset in an open economy

This CGI blog post explores how technology can address declining corporate client satisfaction in banking.

This CGI blog post discusses GTNews survey results for 2019 and drivers behind declining corporate client satisfaction.

Phil Skinner discusses how much easier payments will be with request for payment.

Paul Wishman looks at the increase of voice and 5G technology at this busy time of the year.

Reflections on the Motor, Transport and Asset Finance summer conference season

philip-ring Philip Ring


After a busy summer of conferences across the motor, transport and asset finance sector, Phillip Ring reflects on the conversations, presentations and learnings for the sector.

Challenger Banks: Intelligent Automation is now

Kelvin Kwok Kelvin Kwok


Kelvin Kwok discusses how challenger banks can leverage intelligent automation (IA) to get ahead of some of their rivals. He also explores some of the different ways IA can make...

The Half-Life of Current Accounts

Marcus Martinez Marcus Martinez


Marcus Martinez explores the relationships that banks currently have with their customers, and how Open Banking could be the key to revolutionizing these exchanges.

The misplaced fear of digital

Marcus Martinez Marcus Martinez


Every year there is a new buzzword that dominates the conversations in the financial services industry. A few years ago it was Big Data, then omnichannel. After that, it was...

Is mobile banking contributing to app fatigue?

Marcus Martinez Marcus Martinez


Since the advent of the internet in the late 90’s, despite some initial scepticism, Banks are increasingly present in cyber space offering new products and services. The maturity of the...