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Since the advent of the internet in the late 90’s, despite some initial scepticism, Banks are increasingly present in cyber space offering new products and services. The maturity of the...
This CGI blog post discusses the top four barriers to digital transformation for today’s corporate banks.
What are the top business and IT priorities for today’s corporate and transaction banks? CGI conducted in-person interviews with senior executives, and our 2018 CGI Client Global Insights cover their...
The first year of Open Banking was characterised by a steep learning curve for the nine largest UK banks. The new technology standard created challenges in all organisational aspects.
What does it mean to extend the bank? Traditionally, banks have manufactured, distributed and managed all of their own products and services. The concept of extend describes how this traditional...

Customers don’t care about Open Banking

Marcus Martinez Marcus Martinez

2019-02-12 Is this Open Banking standard really a game changer? The thing is, even though Open Banking was introduced by the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) order in the UK, in...

Having your debt collections cake and eating it, too

Phil Skinner Philip Skinner

2019-01-17 This CGI blog post discusses the ideal capabilities in a solution to modernise debt collections.

Sibos 2018 – a whirlwind tour of my week down under

Sean Devaney Sean Devaney

2018-12-18 Sean Devaney VP Banking and Financial Markets discusses his experience from Sibos 2018

Open Banking: going beyond compliance

Marcus Martinez Marcus Martinez

2018-12-12 Over the last 2 years, the term “Open Banking” has been (over)used as a proxy to describe all sorts of innovations happening in the industry. However, strictly speaking, there is...

UK Honey Bees and Insurance; an existential threat in the wings?

Paul Dix Paul Dix

2018-09-05 As a novice beekeeper I am learning about the complex and highly collaborative nature of a bee colony, and in becoming part of a community of keepers have become aware...