Has your organisation realised the benefits of GDPR yet?
GDPR has obliged companies to formalise their approach to Subject Access Requests (SARs). They must reveal information they hold or are responsible for in their supply chain, about an individual,...
While for some GDPR was BAU, others a huge effort, and a bit of a panic for a minority, one of the most significant outcomes is the perception that cyber...
It is increasingly clear that cybersecurity is a key factor in a company’s performance, reputation and valuation. This point is brought home in The Cyber-Value Connection report published by CGI...
As we approach May 2018, the full implementation date for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or more likely, the implementation date of the UK Data Protection Bill which will...

GDPR – a framework to improve business

CGI Cyber Security Practice CGI Cyber Security Team

2017-08-09 "How should organisations approach GDPR?" asks Andrew Rogoyski, Vice President, Cyber Security

The impact of a cyber breach on public sector organisations

CGI Cyber Security Practice CGI Cyber Security Team

2017-05-31 Recently CGI commissioned research from Oxford Economics to explore the link between a cyber incident and company value. Specifically, we wanted to develop an analytical methodology to examine share-price movements...

Countdown to GDPR: it’s time for action

Neil Sadler Neil Sadler

2017-05-25 The General Data Protection Regulation will usher in a new data management regime for any organisation collecting, storing or processing personal data says Neil Sadler.

Cyber Security at the heart of Fleet Fuelling

Matthew Grisoni Matthew Grisoni

2017-03-20 The repercussions of a security breach on a business are real. Cyber Security must be on every boardroom agenda says CGI's Matthew Grisoni.

Cybersecurity in the boardroom: 7 steps to improve cyber governance

CGI Cyber Security Practice CGI Cyber Security Team

2016-06-15 While cybersecurity isn’t new, what is new is the rapidly growing business dependence on networked systems and the Internet, coupled with the rapidly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape and the value...