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Reflections from a trailblazing week in San Francisco attending the Dreamforce conference

Across the retail industry there are a number of future digital innovations that are being trialled and rolled out that will help solve problems for customers and staff.

How do we deliver a great customer experience? Customer experience or more accurately a great customer experience is what all organisations need to deliver; this need is particularly acute in...

Every year there is a new buzzword that dominates the conversations in the financial services industry. A few years ago it was Big Data, then omnichannel. After that, it was...

Communications expert, Andrew Palmer shares five top themes from Digital Transformation World 2019 and what this means for the Communications sector.

The drive to customer centricity

santanu Santanu Roy


Throughout our lifetime petrochemical companies have been household names with global brands that produce and deliver products that underpin our everyday lives. Petrochemical companies have focused on the products they...

Making 5G a reality — what needs to happen next?

Guy Matthews Guy Matthews


What does it take to make 5G a reality? Guy Matthews considers all options.

Ready to lead the 5G revolution

Andrew Palmer Andrew Palmer


Andrew Palmer looks at 5G’s potential in our lives and how to make it a reality

Considerations when buying managed security services

Richard Lush Richard Lush


The trend towards organisations of all shapes and sizes buying managed security services continues to increase and we’re seeing the rise of interest from all sectors. Is it any wonder...

GDPR’s happened, but have you realised the benefits yet?

Richard Holmes Richard Holmes


Has your organisation realised the benefits of GDPR yet?