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Andy Searle discusses how voice technology could be useful in the insurance industry to help with the rise in customer enquiries whilst it grapples with the Coronavirus.

Phil Skinner discusses how much easier payments will be with request for payment.

Paul Wishman looks at the increase of voice and 5G technology at this busy time of the year.

Lloyd’s Blueprint One has set out a series of deliverables to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the world’s oldest Insurance exchange. Our insurance expert considers how Lloyd’s see their...

Over the last 2 years, the term “Open Banking” has been (over)used as a proxy to describe all sorts of innovations happening in the industry. However, strictly speaking, there is...

UK Honey Bees and Insurance; an existential threat in the wings?

Paul Dix Paul Dix


As a novice beekeeper I am learning about the complex and highly collaborative nature of a bee colony, and in becoming part of a community of keepers have become aware...

The biggest ‘technology disruptor’ will be the consumer

Paul Dix Paul Dix


Insurers should stop focussing on digital engagement with customers and instead focus on developing their role as an important provider of services to and with those organisations that have a...

Time for a new definition of the "composite" insurer?

Paul Dix Paul Dix


We rightly take pride in the fact that our ‘local’ propositions have played a significant role in the global development of what we now commonly call ‘Insurance’, but is that...

Digital Customer Experience is becoming the deciding battlefield on the insurance landscape

Paul Wishman Paul Wishman


Digital Customer Experience… where to start with this hugely important topic, it has many broad strands each undergoing continual, exciting, even exponential change and so in my experience requires engagement...

Is Bancassurance MK2 the answer….to an affordable transfer of liability from state to the private sector for retirement provision?

Paul Dix Paul Dix


A quick trip through pension time (abridged) The State Pension – retire when the state can afford it – increasingly later in life in the future Defined Benefit company pensions...