Macsys Navigator an off-the-shelf ECS designed specifically for sub-24m craft. Affordable, high-performance, ready-to-use charting system, proven to make small-craft crews more effective in challenging conditions.

Using official chart data and our specially designed user interface, MACSYS NAVIGATOR helps crew’s complete today’s challenging missions more effectively.

Incorporate it in your new boats or upgrade existing craft. Besides, its ease of extensibility means it can grow with you to meet tomorrow’s needs, as new requirements emerge.


Proven to make crews more effective in challenging conditions

Your crews must be able to work effectively under challenging conditions. MACSYS NAVIGATOR has been specifically designed for small-craft crews operating at high speeds, in rough seas, day and night.

Research validated by DSTL proves MACSYS empowers crews to react faster to changing situations, and consequently achieve their missions more effectively and with greater confidence than they can with the incumbent systems in service with many armed forces.

Use official chart data

We are an IHO-accredited manufacturer of S-63 compliant ECS products. This means you can access official chart data from your national hydrographic office in complete confidence.

Help your crews stay safe

Keeping your crews safe as they undertake complex missions is incredibly essential. MACSYS supports this. Official charts give you the highest-quality data available.And our user interface is specially designed for use in uniquely challenging maritime conditions. It puts the right insights in front of your crew at the right times, empowering them to make quick and well-informed decisions.

Upgrade existing craft with ease

Upgrade your ECS to MACSYS and enjoy all the benefits of a system designed especially for small boats doing challenging things. MACSYS NAVIGATOR is available on a range of hardware to meet varying needs. In addition, if you require specialist components, we will work with you to identify the right equipment.

Tailor the system to your needs

To get you up and running quickly, MACSYS NAVIGATOR is designed to be ready to use as soon as its hardware is mounted in your boat.If you have some special requirements, we will work with you to understand these and customise the software to meet them.

Support when you need it

Our engineering teams can support you at any point in your journey with MACSYS, from the installation and configuration, through to ongoing support once your mission system is live.


MACSYS is designed to integrate with other on-board and off-board systems from your vendors of choice – with minimal effort.Link it to existing equipment on your boat now, and add new components in the future, as you upgrade your capability.

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