With changing legislation and an increasingly diverse range of employment contracts to contend with, the risk of payroll errors is higher than ever.

From shared parental leave, phased retirement plans and more flexible ways of working, the changes to Britain’s workforce are having a huge impact on an organisation’s need for accurate data.

Add to this new pension reforms, the move to payroll of benefits in kind, real-time PAYE reporting and the possible repercussions of Brexit and it quickly becomes apparent that any payroll solution must be flexible to adapt.

Without real-time payroll data, departments will find it harder and harder to optimise their working teams.

If your employees have to improvise workarounds to find key information, it can eat up significant time and increase the risk of delays and errors.

For businesses to thrive, they need to be able to access pertinent financial knowledge whenever they need it.


CGI offers a managed payroll service that can be tailored to your exact needs. We provide options for a fully or part managed service where our team handles the payroll process for you. Or if you want to run your own payroll team, you can make use of our software as a service solution, taking advantage of the latest payroll software that is always up to date with legislation changes.

What’s more you can scale up or down at any time. We can help out more when your team is tied up with other critical tasks, such as financial reporting, meaning you are always free to focus on the most strategic needs of your business.

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