Macsys Commander, the mission system for sophisticated sub-24m craft, empowering crews to undertake highly complex missions safely, effectively and independently.

High-performance mission system that we tailor to your precise needs, intelligently designed to put the right insights and capabilities in front of the right people at the correct times.

MACSYS COMMANDER is an affordable way to make your craft and your crews more effective. Sitting at the heart of your operations, it links key on-board and off-board systems via a secure, redundant network. It puts critical mission information, official charts and additional data layers at crews’ fingertips, and enables them to control multiple capabilities in one place. Whether you’re building, buying or upgrading a sophisticated small craft, we’ll help you implement, configure and operate MACSYS COMMANDER to get the most out of your capability.

Solution benefits

Your mission system sits at the very heart of your challenging operations. We work with you as a partner, to design, implement and support the right capability.

  • At the heart of your vessel

    MACSYS is the nerve centre of your vessel. Thanks to its open architecture and secure, redundant network, it links together on-board and off-board systems from your chosen vendors. This helps reduce the weight and complexity of your boat.

  • Exceptional situational awareness to enable better decision-making

    Making informed decisions during complex missions requires crews to know where they are, how their craft is performing, and what’s happening around them. As the nerve centre of your capability, MACSYS provides a unique level of situational awareness.

    Its specially designed interface mitigates the impact of sea conditions and puts the right insights in front of the right people at the right times, minimising the cognitive load on busy crews. This empowers you to provide your crews with the information they need to make well-informed decisions.

  • Control multiple systems in one place

    As well as informing your crews, MACSYS provides a single interface through which they can control multiple on-board and off-board systems. This improves operational flexibility, saves space on your console and keeps your teams safer by minimising the need to leave their seats.

  • Command and control (C2), with C4ISR integration

    Send waypoints, routes, search patterns, patrol boxes, exclusion zones and more between vessels, or from onshore teams to craft – and enable crews to respond. MACSYS also integrates with your wider command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities.
    Pull in data from a central C4ISR system and display it to crews, while feeding back information from MACSYS to your central C4ISR function.

  • Reliable and resilient

    MACSYS is hardware-agnostic, giving you the freedom to choose components that will stand up to the demands of your missions.
    Sometimes, things can go wrong. If a component fails, the system’s redundant design and replication of key data minimise the impact on your capability.

  • Assured data-protection

    MACSYS is designed to protect your data to a level that meets your unique requirements.
    It’s underpinned by a highly configurable Linux operating system and includes:

    • Role-based permissions, enabling you to share information on a need-to-know basis
    • Optional encryption, to protect sensitive data
    • Support for removable drives, so you needn’t leave data unattended

    In addition, systems and on-board cabling can be separated and screened, minimise the risk of compromising data security and integrity.

    Consequently, MACSYS can be set up for use in the most secure environments and to achieve security accreditations

  • High performance as standard

    Exceptional situational awareness demands a high-performance system, able to handle large volumes of fast-moving data in real-time.
    No two implementations are the same, and because MACSYS is hardware-agnostic, we help you select equipment capable of meeting your performance requirements.

  • Future-ready to maintain your edge

    New technology is emerging all the time. Quickly adding ground-breaking or upgraded capabilities to your craft is essential if you’re to remain at the forefront. MACSYS’ open architecture empowers you to do this with minimal effort.

  • Working with you at every step of the journey

    Your mission system sits at the very heart of your challenging operations. We work with you as a partner, to design, implement and support the right capability.

  • Designing a mission system that genuinely meets your needs

    Firstly, we’ll understand your requirements. We draw on our deep expertise of small-craft mission systems to ask the right questions and challenge assumptions.
    This enables us to create you a hardware and software solution that meets your requirements gets the absolute most from your budget and fits your wider boat procurement, build or upgrade programme.

  • Implementing your mission system

    Drawing on our extensive hardware market knowledge, we’ll choose components suitable for your craft and missions. We’ll help integrate these into your boats. And we’ll get everything configured to meet your unique needs.

  • Training

    We train your teams in how to use MACSYS effectively, coming out on the water with you to get everyone up to speed.

  • Through-life support

    Once your mission system is live, we’ll be there to support you, either directly, or via your existing support organisation.
    This can include:

    • Periodic health checks to ensure the system is meeting your needs
    • Configuration refinements in response to crew feedback
    • Component and capability upgrades
    • Supply of spares
    • Obsolescence management
    • Problem diagnosis

    All of this gives you peace of mind that your mission system can be relied on and can evolve with you as your needs and technology develop.

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