We’re passionate about inclusion and development. We’re also passionate about bringing the next generation of young females in to STEM.

We strive to create a stimulating environment where you can excel at what you do, and have various opportunities to continually learn, share knowledge, innovate and progress toward your career aspirations.

Through learning and development programmes, challenging engagements, stretch assignments and available positions, you'll find what you need to hone your skills and succeed.

In addition to technical, professional and educational programmes offered within each of CGI's locations, you'll find a variety of learning opportunities provided by the CGI Leadership Institute to help you develop your leadership abilities and enhance your knowledge in your area of expertise

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Annual career development planning

CGI is committed to guiding you on your career path and providing the support you need to fulfill your career goals. Our annual career development planning process gives you an opportunity to share your career aspirations with your manager and discuss the best course for getting you to where you want to be. Your career development plan is continuously updated based on your specific career objectives, as well as CGI’s business needs.


Knowledge sharing

CGI’s communication and collaboration platform allows you to connect with colleagues across the globe to share knowledge, discuss ideas, solve problems, reuse intellectual property assets, exchange lessons learned and much more. It’s a vital tool for increasing your expertise of CGI’s technology practices, industry domains, clients, and services and solutions.

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Leadership Development

A wide variety of learning opportunities are provided through the CGI Leadership Institute to help you continuously develop your leadership abilities and enhance your knowledge in your area of expertise. Some of the key programmes sponsored by the Leadership Institute include:

CGI 101

A seminar for new managers and above that covers CGI from A to Z through executive management and CGI expert presentations, teamwork on case studies, and activities to develop coaching and communication skills.

CGI 201

A “next-level” seminar designed for business unit leaders. It consists of a half-day session where topics such as business priorities, business development and recruitment are discussed.

CGI Engagements

A programme for CGI leaders who are involved in any phase of the engagement life cycle. It provides tools, techniques, best practices and processes that promote excellence in project execution.

Leadership Learning Centre

This centre offers information and learning materials to help emerging and established leaders hone their consultative skills.

CGI Project Management

This programme provides iterative assessment, assignment, coaching and development processes that enable project managers to master the complexities of successive project levels and, ultimately, increase CGI's impressive project delivery success rate.






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On-demand learning tools

All CGI professionals have access to a wide range of online learning solutions designed to support their professional development and career plans. The learning is available around the clock and covers a vast array of business and IT topics through online courses, videos, books, certification resources, and much more.