At CGI, we centre our company on a common dream—one that serves as the overarching guide for our culture and aspirations. Learn more about the CGI Dream and the values that define our culture and motivate us.
At CGI, we view our professionals as company owners, and our aim is for every member to reap the benefits of ownership. Two key ways CGI members are rewarded as owners are through CGI’s share purchase and profit participation plans. ...

For 40 years CGI has been a global provider of information services to the Defence & Intelligence  agencies of the UK, Canada, USA and across Europe.   In the UK we have a reputation for secure, mission-critical, end-to end information solutions and technical excellence.  We bring expertise in multiple IT disciplines and knowledge of other commercial and public sector solutions to our clients.

CGI supports the UK Government to protect our nation in areas such as information management and exploitation, applications development and management, systems integration, advisory services, secure managed services and cyber security.   Military personnel trust and rely on us for large, complex, secure programmes – from the back office to frontline operations.

Whether it’s supporting our clients in the battle against terrorism and to frustrate organised crime, or helping them to support the UK Armed Forces, working in our Defence & Intelligence teams offers both a demanding and rewarding career. 

See current opportunities in Defence & Intelligence

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If you are Defence or Intelligence subject matter expert, a technology professional, software engineer or have experience of working on secure projects, we'd like to hear from you.   Some of our roles are only available if you currently hold or fulfil the criteria for the highest levels of UK security clearance.