The Oil & Gas industry in partnership with CGI has developed, maintained and operated the cloud-based solution License2Share (L2S). Created by the industry for the industry this solution provides operators, partners, engineering companies and governments with common IT tools to use in their day-to-day work. License2Share is used by 40 Oil & Gas companies for more than 750 Licenses in 8 countries and 4 continents.

The Challenge

The Oil & Gas industry cannot function without collaboration and companies within the industry have always employed joint venturing strategies to protect and grow their business. As a result, a high integrity, high security solution was required that shared information only on a need-to-know basis. To add to the complexity, all parties involved used different processes and tools throughout the lifecycle of a license, making it much harder to retrieve the correct versions of documents and act swiftly on a report - the solution had to alleviate this issue and create a secure, up-to-date and trusted source of information.

The Solution

CGI in partnership with the Oil and Gas industry created the cloud service License2Share (L2S), allowing users to access solutions that are completely tailored to the specific information sharing requirements that they face when co-operating in joint venture initiatives.

CGI was appointed as lead integrator working alongside Contesto and OpenText. Following a Prince 2 approach, CGI developed specifications in a series of customer workshops to define the functionally required by the clients. After getting the initial design approved CGI implemented the solution, including creation of environments, configuration, customisation and the integration required to support document transfer between participants and also calendars and scheduling. In addition CGI, helped train users and super users in the new system. Customisations in the core system were kept to a minimum in order to keep the maintenance costs at a low level. As a result a future proof system was created.

The Result

L2S uses role-based dashboards allowing joint venture administrators to maintain their licenses and workflows to operate and ensure that they are compliant throughout the complete lifecycle of a joint venture. The role-based dashboard has allowed information to be shared securely on a needto-know basis. Responsibilities (roles for committees, groups and individual users), and authorisation levels have been easily set and managed. Shared content is organised uniquely in a secure and single source of truth to make reporting easier. When reports need to be run, the data from multiple sources (e.g. exploration and production) can be accessed live, aligned, transformed and shared, including information transfer to authorities.

Due to the significant infrastructure deployed by the oil and gas industry, it is rare for the engineers and contractors of a platform, plant or infrastructure to be the same as the owner / operator. Valuable knowledge can therefore be lost during this process, between engineering, construction, commissioning and operation, maintenance and abandonment phases of the lifecycle. L2S has alleviated this issue, by allowing users to disclose information learned during the build of an asset and to share it securely for the benefit of those running it.