Before COVID-19, 5G was a priority not only for most mobile network operators but also for government and industry. Now, the pandemic will inevitably impact 5G deployment plans and present new challenges but also opportunities for all.
London, United Kingdom, 04 February 2020 - The European Space Agency (ESA) and CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB. A) have signed a Memorandum of Intent to pursue space based activities utilising 5G communications networks. The agreement will see the organisations work together to analyse, develop and implement ...

5G is not just about a new mobile network technology with faster connectivity.

Making 5G a reality requires a transformation in conceptualisation, planning, and implementation. The technology is now ready, with new capabilities being added as the standards mature, leading to increased scale deployments, new ecosystems and a variety of different business models.

However, 5G offers a real opportunity to do things differently, like:

  • Enabling faster digital transformation
  • Developing new approaches to connectivity solutions
  • Changing business culture

As a systems integrator, CGI supports the collaborative planning and implementation effort that is crucial to the success of 5G:

  • We are a trusted UK Government’s partner with a wide breadth of experience in every area 5G will incorporate, from space, defence and intelligence through to satellites, telecommunications and security.
  • We have the expertise to bring together all key stakeholders to create a 5G ecosystem of experts, network operators, equipment vendors, policy makers, cloud providers and end-users.
  • We understand the reality of the UK communications market and have been engaged in numerous projects to identify and develop the use-cases providing economic justification for the 5G investment.


Delivering transformation with 5G

At CGI, we work constantly with our clients to define the right transformation journey, understanding and realising the opportunities that 5G can bring, through to effective delivery and benefits realisation.

Our experience of delivering complex, mission critical systems ensures the strategy and roadmaps we develop and implement are realistic, achievable, and bring value to your organisation.