Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 02 December 2019 - CGI has today launched its new UK-wide initiative, entitled No Planet B, by planting 5,500 trees in the Scottish Borders – one for every CGI worker in the UK.

CGI in the UK is committed to contributing to the protection of the environment. And, as a high-growth company, CGI understands that this must not come at the expense of the communities where we do business or of the environment in general. We continue to strive to become carbon neutral as a business through responsible and environmentally oriented operating practices.

Our sustainability objectives are as follows:

  • Implementing waste management practices that promote reductions and recycling, including re-use, where appropriate. When waste is unavoidable, we ensure it is disposed of properly
  • Reducing and preventing pollution through energy, waste and resource management best practices
  • Minimising travel and promoting telework, or alternative commuting options, where possible, to reduce energy consumption
  • Promoting the creation and utilisation of sustainable facilities
  • Communicating our environmental policy, practices and progress to all stakeholders
  • We comply with all applicable government environmental regulations, along with other commitments deemed significant to our clients and members

of our electricity is bought from renewable sources
of waste is recycled or energy recovered
We are planting 5500 trees in the Scottish Borders – 1 for every member to offset carbon emissions
We are working to plant 2500 trees in the community
We have reduced disposable cup usage by 90% in 2019
Most offices have been ISO 14001 certified since 2006

In addition to building on our existing environmental programme, we have recently introduced a UK-wide member driven “10-Point Planet Plan”, to allow us to continually reduce our environmental impact, this includes how we will increase the use of public transport, increase our commitment to tree planting and continuing to drive down our use of plastics. Members from across the business are leading on different aspects of the programme which will be delivered in our 2020 financial year. As part of this plan we are also planting 5500 trees – one for each of our members at Talla and Gameshope, on a site of previously farmed land in the Scottish Borders. In addition, to support the wellbeing of our communities, our members are working with parks, schools, care homes and nature reserves to plant over 2500 trees across the UK from Glasgow, to Wootton Bassett to Bridgend.

A group of CGI volunteers with shovels about to plant trees