We take a look at the things business and security leaders can do to take control of their cyber security standpoint to defend against threat actors who are capitalising on the business changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
To help reduce the threat to your organisation and help manage cyber security hygiene during COVID-19, CGI has prepared a dos and don’ts guide to share with your employees.

Everyone knows that Cyber security is an issue – government, businesses and individuals rely on the Internet and IT systems and have come to realise they are at risk from cyber attack. These attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and stealthy, targeting people, networks and devices.

At CGI, we aspire to make cyber security part of everything we do.

We work with leading organisations across the commercial sectors and governments in the UK, Canada, North America and Europe. As a result, we understand security from all angles - technology, business and legal - and have specialists who can build cyber security into your business strategy to drive agility, efficiency and competitive advantage.

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