CGI offers Central Government organisations a unique, incremental approach to the modernisation of established business critical business applications; enabling them to retire their legacy systems.
We work with our Space, Defence and Intelligence clients to shape and deliver their digital transformation. We help our clients share and interpret huge quantities of data to support mission-critical operations. We enable flexibility, agility and efficiency ...

Cyber Security is part of everything we do and has been for decades.
We know how to identify what is most valuable to you, where your organisation is vulnerable, what action you need to take and how to target your investment to best effect. So you can be confident that you are secure, compliant and ready to growing your business.
We have dedicated UK cyber security consultants advising a wide range of clients across UK public and private sectors. Many of our team are recognised as leaders in the industry, contributing to the development of standards such as ISO/IEC 27002 and BS25999-1 the Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guide. They are part of CGI’s 1,200 strong global cyber security team, bringing the shared expertise and capabilities, working in 16 countries, to every client project.
We have received a number of accolades for our work, achieving 100% success rate of our clients attaining ISO 27001 accreditation.
    Cyber Security Services



    1. Ensuring that your most vulnerable information is secure
    2. Ensuring you have an honest and accurate understanding of your security status
    3. Creating a 'cyber security aware' culture in your organisation
    4. ensuring you can comply to industry and regulatory requirements e.g. ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, UK and European data protection law
    5. Quantifying your risk and justifying your security investments


    • Threat vulnerability and risk assessments - providing assessments of the security of your organisation, including your customers and your supply chain
    • Cyber strategy and education - helping you create a security conscious culture with policy improvements, awareness and training programmes
    • Compliance - single assessments to cover multiple standards, highlighting areas of compliance risk and providing mitigation programmes