CGI has committed to helping Dynamo with the resources required to grow the Health Tech Cluster over the next twelve months, which will enable to continue their important work to build to North East’s IT digital sector.
This webinar will focus on the topic of “The Intelligent House – Solving the Data Conundrum ”. The speakers including Chris Lees, Technical Director from Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate as well as representatives from HACT ...


Today more than ever, citizen, customer and employee expectations are rapidly evolving, creating both challenges and opportunities across both the private and public sectors.  The advent of ‘digital’ is providing organisations with more and more choices regarding how to best support their employees, serve their citizens/customers and collaborate with other organisations.  Selecting the right mix of digital solutions based on the best insight is key to ensure ambitions are achieved and value is created.

To be successful, digital transformation needs to have a clear focus on how value will be delivered to the organisation measured in social, economic or environmental terms.   We help companies redesign their future, transforming, operating models, culture and exploiting technology for a digital world.   We enable you to leverage technology securely, enabling those citizens and customers who can use digital-based services to do so quickly and easily, freeing up time and resources to support those with more complex needs.

Digital transformation