Organisations across sectors are under increasing pressure to launch competitive products and services quickly to meet growing consumer/citizen demands. Innovation and collaboration are becoming critical business capabilities, and leading organisations are investing in emerging technologies to drive their success.
CGI UK's Emerging Technology Ecosystem brings together the very best innovative thinking and solutions from across CGI and our third party relationships to drive agility and value for our clients.

CGI recognises that emerging technologies are critical to the profitable growth and future success of organisations as they digitally transform. 

Our Emerging Technology Practice forms part of an extensive global network of innovation, and provides market-relevant insight, and capabilities to support our clients across industries.

Within the UK our Emerging Technology Practice is focused on a core set of technologies and works with a powerful ecosystem of specialised partners.  By combining these technologies we can design a custom solution and, as patterns emerge through subsequent use cases, develop reusable solutions, creating an environment of ongoing innovation and improvement.

Explore some of the key emerging technologies we deliver to clients:-

Find out more about CGI and 5G


The next generation of mobile technology, 5G brings higher speeds and massive capacity to the existing network. It will, in time, enable us to combine different technologies in one holistic ecosystem.

CGI Advanced Analytics - unlock actionable insights

Advanced Analytics

Don’t mistake effort for progress or outputs for outcomes. The fast and effective way to achieve actionable insight, the right business outcomes and drive competitive advantage.


Find out more about more about CGI and Cloud and Hybrid IT

Cloud and Hybrid IT

Helping your organisation navigate the cloud with cloud readiness assessments, transform the business with cloud-based services and then operate these as a service.


CGI is helping clients manage complex security challenges with a business focused approach

Cyber Security

We understand security from all angles and have specialists who can build cyber security into your business strategy to drive agility, efficiency and competitive advantage.



We partner with clients wherever they are in their DevOps journey. Our services range from expert coaching and consulting to outsourcing, including managing all or part of clients’ DevOps and traditional processes and tooling.

Find out more about CGI and Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Helping clients to deliver end-to-end digital capabilities - from strategy development, technology implementation, to managed services. We partner with you each step along your digital journey.

Intelligent Automation

Our work with clients ranges from using RPA to digitising routine processes, to using advanced analytics, AI and the Internet of Things to enable complex, decision-driven interactions


Helping our clients become truly customer centric

Customer Experience (CX)

Helping clients place the digital customer at the heart of the enterprise, using effective insight to deliver personalised services and seamless cohesive experiences.


Helping our clients to digitally transform the employee experience

Employee Experience (EX) 

Helping clients to take a holistic approach to transforming their digital employee experience and creating a digital workplace.

CGI Innovation Hubs

Our Innovation Hubs are dynamic, open spaces where we run interactive meetings and co-innovation workshops with our clients and ecosystem partners