Join CGI and Ordo experts on August 12 2020 for this UK Finance hosted webinar, focusing on Open Banking overlay services in the UK.

Phillip Skinner of CGI, and Craig TIlitson of Ordo will give their take on the state of Open Banking overlay services in the UK, with a particular focus on Request to Pay. After a brief review of how Request to Pay works as a service and the technology that underpins it, they will examine some use cases across a number of industry sectors.

The CGI and Ordo team we will look at some of the;

  • Benefits Request to Pay brings both to the biller and to the consumer
  • Obstacles to wider adoption and
  • Commercial models for the service to answer the question of how services such as Request to Pay can be monetised.

For more information or to register your place, please visit the UK Finance event webpage.

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