Are you thinking about returning to work in tech after an extended break?

It may seem like a lot has changed in the time that career returners have been away from the workplace. Our Career Returners events offer cross-training to help our potential new recruits to overcome their re-entry barriers. Join us at our Leatherhead Campus to find out how your skills are still relevant and how you might be able to re-join the IT industry.

Our taster sessions are split into two parts, with a choice of "school hours" or "after school" timings to make it easier for those who still have caring responsibilities to join in. Dates for Part 1 are 20 June, 10 or 11 July. In this session we’ll introduce CGI and the types of work you might get involved in and then in smaller groups, we'll work on transferable skills and CVs. In the follow-up session, there will be a practice interview and the chance to take part in a Design Sprint. Dates for these are 16, 17, 23 or 24 July.

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