Picture of Matthew Grisoni

Matthew Grisoni is a senior management executive with over 35 years comprehensive IT business experience of full-service IT business solutions. He has experience of running multiple business lines within CGI, including the integration of CGI’s and Logica’s UK Financial Services business, following CGI’s acquisition of Logica in 2012. More recently he has been running CGI’s Oil and Gas business incorporating the Shell Global Account.

He has worked as a senior member of CGI since the sale of Intuitive Systems in 2000 to IMR Global, which CGI acquired in 2002. At Intuitive, a firm specialising in software for retail financial services, he was responsible for restructuring and positioning the company for trade sale. Prior to Intuitive, he ran Logica’s Reuters Global Account and studied Applied Artificial Intelligence at Logica’s Research and Development centre in Cambridge. He started his career in IT systems as software engineer at Plessey, a telecommunications firm.

Matthew has a graduate degree in Business Administration from London Business School, and holds a Bachelor of Engineering honours degree in Electronics and Computer Science from Queen Mary, London. He is a long-standing member of the Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) and British Computer Science (BCS), and has published several articles including maximising profit from technology innovation. He is a board member of the Canada UK Chamber of Commerce and chairs their Technology Forum which runs a series of briefings for the Chambers’ international corporate membership.

His personal interests include pyrotechnics, as a certificated firework display technician, and wearable technologies which he uses on his regular mountain treks.