As an active member of Cambridge Wireless (CW), CGI is pleased to be part of the next CW Virtual Networks Special Interest Group (SIG) online event entitled: ‘A reality check for SDN in progress towards 5G network ...
This report explores the public safety and security challenges the country will face during the 2020s and 2030s. The final report which will conclude in 2021, will look at how we can respond to these challenges identified.


30k CGI supports over 30,000 staff and external users of UK MOJ front line applications



15m defendants have been prosecuted with technology provided by CGI



£550m of fraud is avoided annually in the UK using CGI systems


Almost no crisis modelling scenario could ever have predicted the need to rapidly shut down businesses, buildings and entire cities on a global scale; yet despite this now being a stark reality, there remains the crucial requirement for Government to continue to deliver citizen-centric services, whilst responding rapidly to an uncertain future.

During the current pandemic, Government departments have had to rebound quickly accelerating innovation, transforming strategy, reprioritising investments, and flexing to new and existing technology; in other words, reinventing the way Government works.

CGI has worked at the heart of UK Government for over 40 years delivering complex, mission-critical transformation programs; together, we continue to keep the critical national infrastructure running whilst providing important citizen-centric services to help drive efficiencies and increase the quality of the services offered.

We continue to collaborate with, and respond to the needs of, UK Government; never before has this been more important as we work through the current crisis and prepare to rebound and reinvent as the situation improves.