London, United Kingdom, 13 December 2018 - CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB. A) has been awarded a new contract by the Greater London Authority to deliver end-to-end services, software and technical infrastructure for the electronic counting of votes in the 2020 London elections. CGI and London-based ...

Citizens today demand a seamless digital experience in the way they interact with local government and other government organisations. As a result, meeting citizens’ rising expectations for digital public operations and services has moved digital transformation to the top of government executives’ agendas.  At the same time, the need to improve efficiency and productivity is paramount – local government must therefore transform how they work to meet the increasing demand from the public. 

CGI has been working at the heart of UK Government for 40 years helping to improve citizen service and increase efficiency through successful transformation programmes.

Around the world, we have worked in collaboration with local government departments and agencies, including Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, USA and Canada.


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40 plus years improving local government services