CGI is the headline sponsor of techUK Supercharging the Digital Economy 2019 conference championing the transformative, cutting edge and emerging digital technologies that are key to accelerating the digital transformation of key sectors and industries in the North.
Manufacturers are in the midst of a revolution―a fundamental shift in the way they think about operating, competing and delivering value. The days of chasing kaizen improvements―small continuous and incremental changes to stable and established processes―are giving way to the ...


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Our extensive industry expertise and broad range of business and IT capabilities deliver the tailored strategies, technologies and processes manufacturers need to transform their operations to become industry leaders. We help manufacturers streamline and optimise their supply chains end to end, bringing in digital manufacturing solutions to drive agility and transform traditional B2B approaches into a B2B2C model. The areas we cover include engineering, procurement, inbound logistics, manufacturing, outbound logistics, marketing, sales and service, and more. 


    Areas of specialism include

    • Supply Chain Acceleration
    • Manufacturing Execution Systems: Perfect Plant
    • Manufacturing Atlas: Strata enterprise: MaEVA 
    • Active asset management 
    • IT/OT integration 
    Centre d'excellence mondial CGI dédié à la transformation digitale de la supply chain manufacturing
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     Digital transformation in manufacturing

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is the “connector of the future”. By linking systems, devices, sensors, assets and people, it enables manufacturing organisations to become more service oriented, provide real-time monitoring and remote service, improve asset utilisation and much more.


    Managed testing for the digital era

    With digital factories and a digitally-connected value chain, traditional IT security is not enough to protect manufacturing organisations. CGI’s comprehensive cyber security solutions and services protect the digital enterprise and secure the digital continuum across the value chain.

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    CGI-developed software and methodologies

    We offer mission-critical and client-driven intellectual property solutions as well as solutions that combine CGI and partner capabilities to support out clients’ holistic transformation. We also leverage our cross-industry expertise to bring new, proven ideas from one sector to another.