Throughout our lifetime petrochemical companies have been household names with global brands that produce and deliver products that underpin our everyday lives. Petrochemical companies have focused on the products they produce (lubricants, chemicals, and gasoline etc. ) as this ...
Keeping a vehicle fleet fuelled, ready to roll out and cost optimised is a complex operation. With large numbers of vehicles travelling through multiple countries and retailers at all times of the day and night, fleet managers need visibility and ...


1.5 billion fuel card transactions processed by CGI systems per year




95% of UK oil and gas offshore personnel movements are  tracked by CGI’s VantagePOB solution


1000+ upstream E and P applications supported for global oil and gas companies

In a challenging market, oil and gas companies are continually looking for ways to increase the productivity of their reserves, make better use of their assets, engage in strategic partnering arrangements, improve compliance and generate more downstream profits. All of this needs to be done securely, safely and sustainably. CGI is a partner to many of the global oil and gas majors, providing services across the value chain, including exploration and production, refining, supply and distribution and B2B/B2C retail.

    • Preferred supplier to 3 out of the 6 oil and gas super majors
    • Manage the entire exploration and production application portfolio for our global clients
    • Provider of fuel cards services managing over $90 billion business value per year
    • Over 2,000 professionals working with our oil and gas clients in upstream and retail in 24 locations around the globe.
    • 95% of UK oil and gas offshore personnel movements are tracked by CGI’s VantagePoB solution, including averages of over 140 flights (helicopter and fixed wing), 3,000 passenger bookings and 800 freight items each and every day.
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