Keeping a vehicle fleet fuelled, ready to roll out and cost optimised is a complex operation. With large numbers of vehicles travelling through multiple countries and retailers at all times of the day and night, fleet managers need visibility and ...
In this blog, Graham Chedzoy considers how with change happening fast in industry due to the rise of electric vehicles (EV), environmental pressures, legislation and regulation, for some sectors of transport the days of diesel are very much numbered. ...

Helping fuel card operators offer customers the right services at the right time and the right price

The fleet industry has been built largely based on a steady growth in diesel sales, but this is about to change.  Evolving transport usage, environmental pressures and a wider energy mix are all putting pressure on the industry and making consistent growth harder to find.  And with customer expectations changing, as fuel card programmes are sometimes seen as outdated, it is key for operators in this area to target new revenue streams, new markets and customer segments with a new approach.

CGI helps fuel card issuers move from today’s limited set of services, to a more diverse range by enabling a network of partners and suppliers which can then be aggregated together with our Fleet B2B market place solution.  The solution provides a platform and roadmap to integrate a wider range of offerings and aggregate areas such as customer management, pricing and billing.

We have a range of fleet solutions and an eco-system of partners that can provide tailored solutions to support your business to transform legacy solutions, enter new markets or create new sales channels.

As the whole industry is experiencing significant challenges, there is an increased need to optimize the cost base to free up investment to transform and grow your business.  To address this, CGI has developed a proven cost optimisation approach to simplify complex IT and business processes.

Through our experience, expertise and solutions we provide a complete service for fuel card operators to diversify their business, improve customer experience, reduce costs and enable organisations to deliver on their growth objectives.