Get active to make your assets fit for the future

activeAM gives you an effective way to optimise your approach to asset management (AM) and deliver outcomes that meet regulator and investor requirements.

Despite managing your physical assets for years, you still need to seek further improvements in efficiency to meet regulatory and stakeholder challenges. And to do this, you have to align your systems and processes from top to bottom, focusing all your activities on delivering the right outcomes by utilising your assets.

Prepare your organisation for the future

However, as the future becomes harder to predict, you will find asset management and investment planning increasingly challenging. Now is the time to find a better way to do things with Active Asset Management (or activeAM).

activeAM is a new concept that allows you to track the impact of your AM plan in near real time. By doing this, you can correct your course along the way, and ensure the outcomes of your plan are the ones you’re expecting — even if you hit bumps along the road.

The benefits of activeAM for your business

Using CGI’s activeAM lets you develop, and maintain alignment of, the right solutions — delivering outcomes in a way that:

  • drives the right performance
  • creates a cost-effective solution
  • sits within your risk tolerance
  • provides justification for actions

Why CGI?

Working with CGI allows you to get the most from your AM systems in several key areas:

  • User interface

    The activeAM Exec Hub provides you with the ability to review your current and predicted investment and service delivery. You can also select and deploy changes in near real time and monitor outcomes.

  • Business criticality and asset management

    CGI’s criticality-and-risk-based methodology and analytics tool links your business outcomes to asset impact and strategy development.

  • Optimised asset integration

    Based on your business values, CGI’s asset investment planning (AIP) tool identifies and optimises your intervention options to create and manage aligned asset plans.

  • Work delivery management

    Building on your core work management and scheduling systems, CGI’s ARM suite can add enhancements — optimising resources to deliver your AM plans, as well as mobile solutions.

  • Service delivery

    Providing real-time awareness and Intelligent Network Management analytics, CGI’s operationalAM tool gives you the capability to deliver operational and service excellence.

  • Master data management and quality

    The foundation stone for robust analysis and decisions, CGI’s informedAM tool gives you a single source of data that’s available to the various processes and activities across your organisation.

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