CGI delivers secure, mission-critical space systems including data processing and exploitation, satellite communications, orbit determination, command and control, ground segment engineering, navigation and situational awareness. This video explores the exciting work we do to help our clients enhance mission success. ...


200+ missions supported by CGI software


3 billion people have benefited from CGI systems producing weather information and data


2m lines of code and 100 products integrated for Galileo

Our first space project was in 1974. Ever since then we’ve worked to increase the value of clients’ space investment whilst combatting ever-growing security threats to space assets and information.

  • We’ve helped ensure navigation systems are secure, reliable and fit for purpose.
  • We provide network, service and business management systems to many of the world’s communications satellite operators; commercial and military.
  • Our business support tools help organisations to control and track their operations, anticipate hazards and reinforce resilience and national security.
  • As specialists in image processing and geospatial data we turn Earth observation data into trustworthy actionable information.
  • Our downstream space applications support many sectors, including delivering weather satellite images and data to over 3 billion people.

Careers in Space:  We are looking for professionals interested in developing their careers within space. If you are a technology professional, software engineer or a space subject matter expert, we’d like to hear from you.

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Satellite Navigation

Through rigorous project management we deliver even the most complex system or application on time and to budget.

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We take a new perspective on space

We work on the major European navigation, communication and earth observation programmes and are specialists in space security and ground control systems.

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