On the occasion of the 2018 edition of Utility Week Achievements Awards , Rich Hampshire - CGI UK Vice-President Digital Utilities talks to Suzanne Henegan - Acting Editor of Utility Week about how the utilities sector is ...
A thought leadership paper from CGI and New Power. Britain’s electricity system is in transition, but flexibility still largely comes from dispatchable thermal generation. As that is replaced by inflexible, intermittent renewables, alternate sources of flexibility must be established.

We designed and built 12/18 central energy market systems in the world
53 million CGI is the data service provider for the rollout of 53 million smart gas and electricity meters in the UK
450+ We partner with 450+ electric, water and gas clients across Europe and North America


CGI is a pioneer of technological innovation in the utilities sector. With nearly 6,000 members worldwide, we provide the solutions to transform the operations, improve the customer experience and drive cost efficiencies to utilities clients across the globe.

In the UK, we have been at the heart of every major change in the energy and utility markets since privatisation, with decades of experience and expertise in the electricity, gas and water sectors.

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