SP Energy Networks has partnered with CGI to assist in delivery of its Smart Data Integration Fabric (SDIF) project a key enabler not only for its transition to Distribution System Operator, but crucially to help it support its communities and ...
We are very excited to have joined TechMarketView’s Innovation Partner Programme, as CGI is building an extended regional Ecosystem aligned to Emerging Technologies to accelerate the Digital Transformation of key sectors across the North of England.

The national roll-out of smart meters has begun. The Data Communications Company (DCC) have triggered the government’s roll-out of 53 million smart meters to more than 30 million domestic and small business premises.

Smart meters will allow utilities organisations to tailor products and services to their customers while achieving significant operational efficiencies at the same time. But gaining access to smart metering data and functionality requires the correct security, integration, readiness testing and business assurance to be in place.

As the Data Service Provider (DSP) for the roll-out, we are at the heart of this transformation, providing the DCC data systems through which DCC Users will communicate with smart meters. As a signatory to the Smart Energy Code (SEC), we have also created a range of products for DCC Users to integrate with the DCC, implement smart business services, meet their SEC obligations and gain rapid access to smart meter data and functionality.


53 million smart gas and electricity meters in Britain will communicate through CGI systems



To gain access to smart meters, you have to sign up to the SEC and become a DCC User. This means getting to grips with the Smart Metering Key Infrastructure (SMKI) — a Public Key Infrastructure that requires every DCC User to generate, manage and use potentially millions of cryptographic keys.

We have developed the DCC Adapter — a product that provides out-of-the-box compliance with these stringent security obligations.


The DCC provides a standard interface for accessing more than 200 smart metering messages and alerts. It is these messages that form the building blocks for delivering smart business processes and services.

We have developed a Business Service Layer (BSL) that provides orchestration of the smart metering messages essential for giving access to the full benefits of smart meters, while minimising the impact on existing back-office systems

Readiness testing and assurance

Becoming a DCC User requires the completion of a multi-stage market entry process. This includes:

Signing up to the SEC Completing Registration Authority Policies and Procedures (RAPP)

We offer a SREPT/UEPT service that allows SEC parties to become DCC Users in a matter of days. This gives users rapid access to the DCC’s end-to-end test environment where the real testing of chosen smart devices, processes and back office systems can begin

  • Passing SMKI and Repository Entry Process Testing (SREPT)
  • Passing User Entry Process Testing (UEPT)

Combining our DCC Adapter, BSL and SREPT/UEPT service with a set of standard ‘out-of-the-box’ business services, we can offer potential DCC Users rapid access to smart metering data and functionality.

Foundation Smart Data Service

We have operated a Foundation Smart Data Service (SDS) for over 10 years now, and support close to a million Foundation meters.

Our SDS has helped five of the traditional ‘big six’ suppliers to gain essential knowledge in deploying and operating smart meters. Our SDS has also provided essential insight to the benefits of smart meters to other users, including network operators and metering agents.

Unlike other Smart Metering System Operators, our SDS is meter and communication provider-agnostic, giving users access to multiple makes and models of device via a single common interface. We also offer the only established Foundation Change of Supplier process, allowing Foundation smart meters to stay smart following a change of supplier.