Delivering service excellence through efficient payments

Faced with an increasing volume of payments along with higher customer expectations, many businesses and financial organisations are looking to optimise their payment processes and increase their efficiency. Effective cash-flow management is a key focus for organisations across all industries from banking to transport to oil and gas. Many businesses are looking to implement new technologies and up-to-date payment systems that are flexible, scalable and meet regulatory requirements for compliance and security.

Whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-box solution or a specifically-designed process, CGI offers an end-to-end solution, from consultancy to system implementation and integration. We provide advisory services that help our clients better understand their needs, and guide them across the payments landscape. We design and build innovative systems that integrate with and simplify existing processes, providing flexible solutions to meet requirements. Our approach, based on decades of global industry and client experience, allows our clients to realise the full benefits of their solution in a timely, effective manner — enabling them to deliver excellent service and achieve business goals.

Experience and expertise

  • Global presence with more than 12,000 dedicated FS professionals across five continents
  • Recognised as having a key role in shaping the payments technology market
  • Decades of experience building long-term client relationships and mission-critical software solutions across numerous industries
  • Proven track record of technical excellence and delivery
  • Delivery of market-leading payments platforms, including designs for the original SWIFT interbank network and Paym
  • We work with 24 of the top 30 banks globally, as well as the top 10 European and top 10 Canadian banks