Transforming Health and Care

It’s a challenging time for health Trusts. Demands for services are growing and patient expectations are rising, along with the costs of providing care. At the same time, there is continuous pressure on budgets and resources.

While the NHS has set broad targets for achieving a fully integrated, paperless care system, every Trust is on its own journey to transformation – with their own digital roadmap and set of local circumstances to manage. Many Trusts are also looking to connect and manage the complex pathways between acute, and into the social and community care space.

CGI works in partnership with Trusts to deliver a full spectrum of digital solutions to help meet these challenges. Our systems connect and transform pathways, to provide both patients and health professionals with the right information, to make the most informed decisions about care:

Experience and expertise

For 25 years, CGI has helped around 1,000 health facilities and over 200,000 health and care professionals to improve the way in which health is delivered, through successful transformation programmes.

CGI believes in connecting up the right systems and pathways across health and care communities to enable increased efficiency and improved patient safety and overall experience.

Did you know that CGI:

  • Manages the patient care records of over 60,000 cancer patients at the Macmillan Cancer Centre in London.
  • Provide secure EMRs for millions of European citizens in several countries
  • Support over 400,000 records in the Defence Medical Information Capability Programme, which is being accessed by 2,500 concurrent users doing up to 20,000 consultations per day


CGI’s solutions are available through the following procurement frameworks