Transforming the business of health and social care

Health and social care is the last great supply-driven industry. All other industries and Government functions have centred their data and processes around the citizen.

Transforming how health and social care are delivered is the great challenge facing all Governments, with the additional complexities of an increasing demand for service due to aging populations, and a consequent cost burden. More than ever, those who provide health and social care, and those who pay for health and care, need to provide services in open and transparent ways.

CGI delivers a full spectrum of digital health IT solutions including open-source e-prescribing, integrated digital care records and mobile app solutions for a connected, paperless care system which provides patients and care professionals with the right information, to make the right decisions.

For 40 years CGI has helped over 1,000 health facilities and over 200,000 health and care professionals to improve the way in which health is delivered through successful transformation programs. We have worked in collaboration with central and local health ministries, hospitals, pharmacies, insurers and life sciences organisations worldwide, including UK, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, USA and Canada.

Experience and expertise

  • CGI manages the patient care records of over 60,000 cancer patients at the Macmillan Cancer Centre in London.
  • We have 1,000+ global health facility clients, including 230 hospitals and 525 pharmacies.
  • We have helped audit and recover medical and pharmacy claims for over 20 years, identifying and recovering incorrectly paid claims through experienced subject matter expert teams and solutions
  • CGI centralised 400,000 records in the Defence Medical Information Capability Programme being used by 2,500 concurrent users doing up to 20,000 consultations per day
  • We provide secure EMRs for millions of European citizens in several countries
  • Our systems manage of 6.6 billion health records for providers through CGI Sovera® ECM solutions.
  • We provide content management solutions for 170+ hospitals and 32 hospital systems in the USA and Canada.