Innovation and creativity to transform and add value

Driving innovation, reducing costs and improving operations are strategic organisational imperatives. CGI members work alongside our clients locally, while bringing the depth and breadth of global resources to solve these complex challenges – and more.

CGI offers innovative solutions to gain operating efficiencies, reduce cost and improve competitive advantage. Technology is usually at the heart of every solution – this is where CGI adds value. We believe in finding practical answers not always found in the R&D lab. We operate under an open, collaborative approach that encompasses the entire business process. CGI gathers the best ideas from markets, clients, partners, academia and our members and test them against real world scenarios to find the right solutions.

Best of all, we are smart about finding creative ways to make the most of our clients’ current assets combining them with new technologies and business innovations that make the most business sense.

Experience and expertise

At CGI we are proud of our rich heritage of innovation across all sectors and eras. CGI have been involved with some of the seminal technology changes for over 36 years, for example:

  • We designed the SWIFT network for international money transfers.
  • We delivered the Police National Database for the National Policing Improvement Agency.
  • We are selected by UK Department of Energy and Climate Change as Data Services Provider for GB Smart Meter Implementation Programme.

Some of CGI’s latest innovations are showcased at our Innovation Centre in London. See the future in action and think about your own – currently, you can sample our solutions for solving your big data challenges, see the how mobile devices can be used securely, examine our range of financial management offerings – and many more.

Contact us to learn more about our recent innovations to to arrange an innovation session.