Automotive manufacturing

Succeeding in the evolving automotive landscape

Today's automotive manufacturers are challenged to find new ways of doing business to keep pace with a rapidly evolving automotive industry. New products, sales channels, competitors and government regulations are imposing cost pressures and forcing automotive manufacturers to rethink their business strategies and operations. CGI is working with these companies to implement automotive manufacturing technologies that drive cost reductions, efficiencies and profitable growth.

Automotive manufacturing services and solutions

CGI's full-range of automotive manufacturing services and solutions are helping clients to adapt to changing market conditions and improve their performance at every stage of the manufacturing lifecycle. Our suite of offerings includes the following:

  • Vehicle development processes and project management
  • Electric vehicles, Telematics & infotainment
  • Customer Management – improving the Data Disconnection challenge between the auto manufacturers and the dealer network
  • Quality and test management
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing execution systems
  • Digital Marketing Cloud – Digital Marketing platform
  • Web Experience Management
  • Real Time Consumer Experience Management
  • Multi-channel Analytics and decision capability
  • Optimisation to increase visitor acquisition and conversion
  • Social
  • Product line management (for car development)
  • Project management (for car development)
  • Applied customer insight
  • Perfect Plant (manufacturing operational excellence solution)
  • Advanced vehicle emissions control & Vehicle emissions monitoring

These services and solutions are delivering the following benefits to automotive manufacturers across the globe:

  • Driving efficiency and cost reduction throughout the sales cycle
  • Increased product innovation and sustainability
  • Faster product development cycles and time to market
  • More flexible and effective global supply chains
  • Less complex, more efficient and better integrated processes and systems
  • Increased productivity and reduced costs.

Automotive manufacturing expertise and experience

CGI works with many of the automotive industry's leading global manufacturers, providing services and solutions that improve all aspects of the automotive value chain. We also conduct business with the industry's largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

CGI's global manufacturing consulting practice is one of the largest in the world, with 1,300+ professionals working in centres of excellence across the globe. These experts offer extensive experience and proven solutions in driving performance improvements and business results for our clients.

In addition, our experts offer an independent view of the right technologies for our clients, recommending the best solutions for their particular needs and drawing from an expansive network of industry-leading partners.

CGI has representation within the UK Automotive Council; The UK Automotive Council was established in December 2009. Its establishment was a key recommendation of the industry led New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team (NAIGT) which reported in May of that year