Oil and gas

Reaching new levels of business efficiency

CGI today is focused on helping our oil and gas clients reduce complexities and take advantage of standardisation and the results of economies of scale in what is truly global industry. Our UK clients experience many of the international challenges of undertaking business in a highly competitive sector, such as price fluctuations, geo-political uncertainty and increased demand on reserves that are difficult to access. As a result of this, they need to make better use of their assets, Enhance Oil Recover (EOR) and where relevant make their downstream business lines more profitable in a sustainable, safe and secure manner.

Our clients are dependent on the internet for many business processes and are increasing their productivity by using the cloud, mobile and other advanced technologies. With cyber attacks and security breaches reported daily, we help our clients understand their cyber security risk and make the right decisions so that they can protect their business and can operate with confidence.

We supply services, solutions and consultancy across the entire supply chain. In particular, we are:

  • Preferred supplier to 3 out of the 6 oil and gas super majors
  • Manage the entire exploration and production application portfolio for our global clients
  • Provider of fuel cards services managing over $90 billion business value per year
  • Over 2,000 professionals working with our oil and gas clients in upstream and retail in 24 locations around the globe
  • Our experts work in high-intensity engagements with military and intelligence nerve centres and high-profile multi-national defence programs, defending government networks, critical infrastructure and corporate intellectual property against over 43 million sophisticated attack incidents per day

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