Solution suite and services for downstream

Rising costs, volatile consumer demand and intense retail competition are challenging downstream oil and gas operators to find ways to maximise profits. Leading operators are using technology to drive efficiencies and cost savings across the supply chain, deliver the right products at the right time and at the lowest cost, effectively process card payments, execute results-driven loyalty programs, combat fraud and more.

With decades of oil and gas experience, we understand the downstream business and offer the expertise to transform downstream operations to drive growth and revenue. We work with downstream companies across the globe to meet their current and future challenges through innovative, high-performance technologies.

What we offer

CGI provides a wide range of downstream services and solutions that support the entire downstream lifecycle, including supply & trade, refining, distribution and retail.

  • Supply & Trade: We offer solutions covering effective supplying including gas quality management, gas balancing and linepack storage as well as trading, risk management, and physical and financial settlement systems for oil and oil products, gas, power, emissions, and LNG.
  • Refining: We build, implement and support the infrastructures and applications required to operate and optimise operations for refineries and chemical manufacturers. 
  • Distribution: We support all of the supply and distribution functions required to manage and enhance product delivery, as well as pipeline and transportation asset
  • Retail: We deliver innovative solutions required to achieve retail operational excellence in all areas, specifically fuel card payment processing and loyalty program implementation. Other cross industry examples are: point of sale, ecommerce, supply chain and logistics. 

Our services for each area include business consulting, systems integration services, business process services, and IT outsourcing services. We provide our own intellectual property, as well as systems from major providers. We also support custom, in-house software.

The value we deliver

CGI’s work with major downstream operators delivers the following competitive advantages:

  • Minimised costs and maximised efficiencies across the supply chain
  • Greater operational performance
  • Superior product management and delivery
  • Enhanced asset tracking and control
  • Expanded customer base through improved service
  • Increased profit margins


Why CGI?

CGI’s large pool of downstream experts have vast knowledge and experience in applying manufacturing, distribution and retail technologies to improve downstream operations. With this expertise, we have developed our own proven solutions,distribution scheduling solution, which manages all aspects of card payment processing for downstream retailers. We also partner with industry-leading vendors to provide the best solutions available on the market.