Public sector

Driving efficiencies for the public sector

The business of delivering IT solutions and business services into the public sector is changing.

Fiscal austerity continues to drive the need for cost efficiencies in both the business of delivering services to the citizen and the IT which supports it. Up to now, we have sought to deliver the same approach, but for less. But today we must be able to respond to these pressures with different technology answers; including our lower cost and flexible secure Cloud offerings, and by using a mix of Open Source and proprietary software.

The drive to put the citizen at the heart of the transaction is becoming paramount. To digitally enable the business of government requires security to protect precious data – be it personal identity or patient records. Our work in National Security gives us a rigorous understanding of this requirement, but we believe that managing the identity of citizens in civil government needs to be not only robustly secure, but user-friendly. Our security solutions are also responding to the need to be able to increasingly work on the public servant’s own device and certainly whilst they are on the move!

CGI also support UK government to help them meet their challenges in the area of Fraud, Error and Debt (FED). More than 13,000 civil servants work in debt management and collection and there is no easy solution to the significant debt owed to Government. However, significant progress is be being made through collaboration, better use of analytical tools and the appetite to trial new approaches.

We don’t have all the answers, nor do we need to be a one-stop shop. As we look for increasingly more innovative answers, we work ever more with partners that range from government itself to SMEs.

But in all our sectors ranging from health to space, we will continue to be the business specialists you can trust.