Joining up Justice – the power of sharing

Today’s public safety and Justice organisations recognise the need to modernise to improve citizen engagement and increase operational efficiency. CGI are working at the heart of the UK Criminal Justice system to make this a reality.

For the Ministry of Justice we support the business critical applications for Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service which enable the Criminal Justice System to operate efficiently and effectively. The applications enable everything from ensuring citizens turn up to court on time, to paying Jurors expenses, and recording all case events that take place in County, Crown and Magistrates courts across England and Wales.

For the Crown Prosecution Service CGI provide a full range of ICT services at the heart of which is the Case Management System which enables prosecutors up and down the country to perform their prosecution duties seamlessly and effectively. More recently we have worked with an SME, Creative Jar, to provide a mobile application that prosecutors can use on their tablet devices in a courtroom. This enables prosecutors to work digitally from a simple and easy to navigate platform, providing greater automation to finalising and recording case resulting in order to improve the end user experience and achieve administrative efficiencies.

CGI has built a deep understanding of criminal justice and public safety challenges across the UK, Europe and North America based on close relationships with our clients. Our integrated solutions help clients adopt modern and efficient work practices to support crime prevention and community policing; crime detection and analysis; courts, prosecution and probation; judicial administration; and border management.

Experience and expertise

  • CGI provides the Crown Prosecution Service of England and Wales with the technology to prosecute over 15 million defendants.
  • We support over 30,000 staff and external users of UK Ministry of Justice front line applications.
  • Built Money Claims on Line system for pursuing debt claims in the UK courts averages over 600 payments per day resulting in over £1.25 million in payments per month for the UK’s Ministry of Justice.
  • CGI designed, built and currently operate the Police National Database, serving all UK police forces with 2.5 billion+ records, supporting 4.6 million+ searches.
  • We helped 150,000 users from the Police and Gendarmerie Nationale forces to access 62 millions judicial proceedings in a single database of 10 million objects.
  • We provide secure cloud infrastructure to support the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • CGI Secure Operating Centres handle more than 76M cyber events every day.
  • We provide services to approximately 5 million U.S. visa applicants annually in 68 countries in 39 languages.
  • Our systems support collection of $11+ billion through improved tracking and enforcement of New York City regulations, including parking violations since 1987.
  • Supporting community policing (Burgernet) in the Netherlands, which has 1.5 million people participating nationwide.
  • Our UK professionals have 2000+ aggregate years of domain expertise across the Justice value chain.