Law Enforcement

Enabling safer communities through the effective use of information and technology

Law Enforcement today is facing significant challenges in ensuring its citizens feel safe and engaged in the justice process.  Pressures on budgets are driving the need for greater efficiencies in the delivery of public protection, whilst at the same time new ways of policing are being introduced that are more inclusive of public engagement and place the public at the centre of all policing activity. Technology is increasingly central to the enablement of this transformation.

CGI has built a deep understanding of law enforcement and public protection in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States. This understanding has developed through decades of close cooperation with our clients and the use of experienced former law enforcement personnel to ensure our perspective is kept operationally relevant.  Our integrated solutions support the adoption of modern and efficient technologies and work practices to support:

  • The practical application of knowledge in operational situations to drive meaningful improvements in efficiency and effectiveness supporting strategic change programmes
  • Improved understanding of current, emerging and predicted demand resulting in uplifting capability, better levels of resource deployed to better effect, increasing productivity
  • Mobilising communities with a 21st Century models for ‘citizen participation in policing’, building on social technologies and solutions successfully deployed in the Netherlands
  • Improved knowledge of citizens, witnesses and the victims, helping to ensure incidents are rapidly, empathetically and professionally dealt with
  • Better appreciation and integration of potential partners, ready to work together to police their communities together and enhance public safety
  • Better knowledge of offenders, the risks they pose and the opportunities for intervention to reduce reoffending and tackle organised criminality
  • Dynamic and more informed risk assessment and action through access to the right information/intelligence, at the right time, in the right place, in the right form

Law Enforcement agencies partner with CGI because we understand the challenge and have extensive experience in integrating systems across agencies. We also apply our cyber and enterprise security expertise to help deliver multi-level secure systems. We deploy innovative technology, such as secure cloud and mobile technology, to improve back‑office efficiency and information accessibility enabling the front line. Supported by CGI, our clients are taking significant steps to transform their operations, increase citizen engagement, get ahead of criminals and ultimately create a safer society.

Experience and expertise

  • CGI have designed, built and currently operate the Police National Database (PND) integrating ~230 systems and serving all UK police forces with a national capability encompassing and linking information related to Crime, Custody, Intelligence, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, with ~2.5m searches occurring since its launch in June 2011. 
  • A CGI-led consortium has won a 10 year outsourcing contract to deliver the UK National Crime Agency's ICT and related services.
  • We provide 150,000 police officers in France with modern IT tools to help them in their investigations.
  • Our HR services help the Gendarmerie in France to save time and reduce costs.
  • We provide Payroll services to 12 UK Police Forces and Pension services to 10 UK Police Forces
  • We provide the UK Crown Prosecution Service with the technology to prosecute over 15 million defendants.
  • Community policing (Burgernet) in the Netherlands is a great success thanks to the help of CGI, with more than 1 million people in 382 municipalities participating.
  • The CGI built Money Claims on Line system for pursuing debt claims in the UK courts averages over 500 payments per day resulting in over £1 million in payments per month for the UK's Ministry of Justice.
  • We provide secure cloud infrastructure to support the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


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