Local government

Transforming the business of local government

Local government has long been recognised as one of the most efficient parts of the public sector, leading the way on innovation, transformation and shared services.  At this time of immense budget pressure councils are facing their greatest challenge yet - to reshape services in a way that meets the needs of local residents while operating within the new financial realities.

We understand that the scale of spending cuts facing local authorities will require each council to deliver services in a variety of different ways. Some councils will look to move to a transformational approach, whereas others will undertake change in a more incremental way.  In response to this, we have developed our Local Government Service Package that includes Consultancy, Service Provision and Outsourcing. Wherever you are in your transformation journey and whatever your views on systems integration and outsourcing, CGI have the right solution that will help you meet your budget pressures whilst delivering citizen focused services.

If you need some helping deciding what to do, we can provide

  • Management consultancy to set your strategy and transformation roadmap
  • Operational consultancy to improve efficiency and performance
  • Technical Consulting on specific projects including IT, Finance and HR   

If you know what you want, but need some help with making the vision a reality, we provide

 If you want CGI to run these services for you, we can: