Imagine an iPhone with no apps on it!

The value of satellites lies in the applications they deliver back on earth. Without applications, satellites are little more than expensive orbiting hardware. Yet whether it involves precisely pinpointing a person or asset, or gathering detailed scientific information about the Earth and its environment, or testing new technologies in the most hostile environment known to man... there are hundreds of thousands of potential applications just waiting to add value.

So why aren’t more businesses using satellite information? Usually it is because the potential applications are unknown to the space industry or the eventual end user. The space industry doesn’t know that there is a demand for that particular type of intelligence, while the end user doesn’t consider that information may have already been obtained and be available to them without them having to invest in their own satellite capability. Quite often this information is even available for very low cost or even for free. For example a major user group of space data is the farming and agricultural communities.

This is where CGI can help. Space makes up just 1% of our business, and the remaining 99% involves delivering business critical systems and services to sectors such as banking, industry, transport, public sector, utilities, oil and gas, retail and telecoms. This means we can understand where space may be uniquely placed to solve a particular business challenge. We have the necessary ecosystem to help bring the right people around the table to implement the solution. Often this type of conversation may involve true ‘blue sky’ innovation. We are recognised for innovation ourselves.

CGI have developed space enabled applications for health, transport, public sector, farming, oil and gas, trading, finance, insurance. Why not contact us to find out what space could do for you?