Space cyber security

Space now underpins so much of what we take for granted in our daily lives that people no longer recognise its involvement. In fact, space is now so ubiquitous that even governments struggle to understand the possible impacts of losing space-enabled capabilities.

They joke:”what if we switched off space for a day” … but they daren’t of course!

The more serious and worrying question today though, is What if someone else were to “switch off” space? The threat of a terrorist network, a criminal organisation or a rogue state, doing so, is no joking matter. In fact, financial markets, transport networks, emergency services, and defence, to name just a few high dependency users, could face severe and unexpected disruption.

The good news is that there are ways to manage these threats effectively. This is where CGI steps in. We understand that space systems need security in much the same way as business systems do but they also face several unique security challenges. These include cyber threats, which require considerable experience and knowledge to address. For example consider:

  • the high capital value of space assets (specifically satellites) means that the cost of a security breach is high
  • radio links are required between satellites and the ground; these links, therefore, need to be protected against unauthorised interception, corruption, spoofing and so on
  • some ground facilities are geographically isolated and/or unmanned; these would require special security
  • the distinction between commercial and military space is becoming blurred; security requirements therefore need to be revisited.

Our space cyber team has the niche expertise that you’re looking for in handling these particular challenges. After all, we have a long track record in space that is well-complemented by our strong capability in security. We are involved with many of the leading space security groups forging new standards. And work closely with the space and cyber domains to build high resilience solutions from what are now considered emerging technologies.