Retail and Consumer Goods

Overcoming market challenges through business transformation

Increasing customer expectations, globalisation and consolidation combined with challenging economic times are pressuring retailers and consumer goods companies to rethink how they do business. To better compete and win, companies must better understand customers and stay connected to them,  reach new markets, create new revenue streams through product and service innovation, and reengineer the supply chain—all while driving cost reductions.

Along with other sectors, retailers are looking to maximise existing investments in infrastructure.  Effective use of systems in areas such as transport can not only reduce operational cost by as much as 10%, but can optimise inventory flow thereby freeing up capacity without major capital programmes.  CGI’s strong lead in transport management solutions can help retailers improve their operations whilst reducing cost through our deep knowledge and experience in the business.

CGI helps retail and consumer goods organisations adapt and remain competitive through business and technology transformation. We build, implement and manage complex retail systems critical to success in today’s changing marketplace. Our comprehensive services and solutions transform operations in areas such as analytics and business intelligence, mobile commerce, store systems, CRM, merchandise systems, digital, supply chain management, e-commerce, enterprise resource planning, and concept-to-consumer collaboration.

Experience and expertise

  • Service provider to 250+ retailers, including some of the world’s largest retail brands
  • Extensive subject matter expertise and 700+ professionals dedicated to the retail and consumer goods industry
  • Full outsourcing services provider to both retailers and consumer goods clients