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CGI's full-service offering is complemented by a large portfolio of IP-based software solutions. This portfolio represents years of investment in capturing our industry expertise and an ongoing commitment to add value to our clients' operations. Whether implementing our own software or that of a partner's, CGI's comprehensive portfolio demonstrates our know-how in consulting, implementing, maintaining, hosting and evolving leading solutions.

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Active Asset Management (activeAM)

Partnering with CGI allows you to develop the right solutions so your organisation can deploy and release the value of Active Asset Management (activeAM) and deliver your promised outcomes.

All Payments Solution

Advanced Access Control. User Access Control providing centralised check of user identity. It is installed on all Engineering, Gateway and Operator stations as an add-on to WORKBENCH in a system with advanced access control. The Advanced Access Control is configured through ACCESS-TOOL.

Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Suite

CGI’s Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Suite is a business tool box that can be applied as an entire suite or as individual components. It offers organizational control over asset, work, resource and field processes and provides for the collection of critical operational data.

CGI Advantage360

CGI Advantage360 is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that expedites delivery of CGI’s world class government ERP capabilities at a lower total cost of ownership.


CGI IHP360 solution delivers the certainty around price and risk that you need when you are writing quotes, providing your company with flexible risk management, giving you control over pricing, data validation and fraud identification.

CGI Unify360

CGI Unify360 provides the unified IT platform, consulting services, frameworks and practices needed to understand an organisation’s entire IT portfolio, create cohesive strategies that align IT to business objectives, and maximise IT investments as a result.

CLS Manager

Supports member banks in the control, reconciliation and automation of their Continuous Link Settlement (CLS) business. CLS Manager integrates with the bank’s IT environment, applications and financial messaging systems. Its architecture assures security and reliability.

Collections and Recoveries - Collections360®

CGI takes a customer-centric approach to collections and recoveries, aligning the collection treatment to the individual, and maximising the efficiency of your operations. We offer clients improved collection rates, lower costs to collect and a single view of the customer all accessed via an omni-channel customer interface.

Collections360: Comprehensive Debt Management

Collections360 combines business process services with CGI's state-of-the-art technology-powered by CACS®- to support all phases of receivables management operations.

Digital and Mobile Banking

CGI domain expertise helps financial organisations understand the impact and direction that digital banking is headed. We bring our cross sector knowledge of mobile to help you create, determine and harden your mobile strategy.

Employee productivity - Office 365 Manage & Migration Service

Consumerisation of end user devices into the workplace, flexible working practices and a tech-savvy generation of millennials, all present opportunities and challenges for today’s CIO. Employee Productivity - Office 365 Manage and Migration Service can help you build a truly flexible work environment for an ever evolving workforce.

Energy Retail 360 ecosystem (ER360)

At CGI, we recognise that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to meet the needs of every energy supplier. To tackle this, we have created the Energy Retail 360 ecosystem (ER360) - which overcomes the challenges faced by energy retailers with a set of proven, interoperable solutions from CGI and selected partner organisations. On top of that, it offers flexible implementation options, designed to meet the individual needs of an energy supplier, regardless of its size or business model.

Fastwire Open

High-end messaging platform with a processing capability of >5 million payments per day. Our messaging product is compatible with all message formats and hosts – ideal choice for any bank.

Fusion Factory

Did you know that lack of middleware is a common cause of IT projects going wrong? CGI and Oracle have come together to built the Fusion Factory removing the risk and reducing the cost associated with such implementations.


Scrutinises transactions in real-time and alerts the institution to matches against watch lists. HotScan supports time-critical activities protecting our clients and minimising money-laundering risks.

Intelligent Self Learning

Business Intelligence that works alongside any watchlist filter. Intelligent Self Learning utilises sophisticated algorithms to reduce the number of false positives by up to 50%.

Internet of things

CGI has partnered with Microsoft to bring their Azure-based Intelligent Systems Solution (ISS) platform to market and make this business goal a reality.

Liquidity and Cash Optimiser

Our Liquidity and Cash Optimiser product, LCO, integrates easily into the bank’s environment to give greater control over liquidity and increased profits. It processes both non CLS currencies and Money Market flows. LCO delivers significant and direct benefits to the bottom line.

Mass Data Billing

Mass Data Billing, customer care and billing, is an out-of-the-box, pay-as-you-use service which vastly reduces capital expenditure (up to 80%), reduces IT TCO (up to 50%) and streamlines business processes for optimal flexibility.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps streamline your processes and improve performance by giving your workforce access to all the information it needs, wherever employees are. Our mobile app, MyJobs, allows your field workers to access and share information on their mobile devices. It also gives them the ability to send updates back to your office, and create new notifications on-site.

Mobile Workforce Management

Provides accurate and efficient mobile resource forecasting, scheduling, dispatching and communication for guaranteed improvements in service availability, field productivity, and cost savings.

Open Source

CGI has a long and successful track record with Open Source software around the world. In 2013, we demonstrated this with the creation of our Open Digital Services Centre (ODSC) in Glasgow.

Outage and Network Management

Minimises the disruption and cost of power outages by automating and optimising outage detection, reporting and restoration processes

Protect the Bank

CGI’s Protect the Bank is a new vision and architecture which includes a number of digital enablers which are designed to help banks drive efficiency and effectiveness.