Business intelligence and analytics

Driving value with the power of analytics

Data is a valuable asset for any business and government organisation. Yet the ever increasing volume and number of data sources (Big Data) can be challenging to manage and keep secure. Getting more value from data is a key priority to gain insights about customers, citizens, employees and operations and improve corporate performance. What if your organisation could…

  • Improve citizen and customer experience by understanding how to more effectively and efficiently provide services
  • Meet compliance regulations by managing information in near real-time
  • Operate competitively by using resources and assets as effectively as possible with more effective measurement of corporate performance

At CGI, we focus on defining, building, managing and delivering information that transforms business outcomes. We offer an end to end solution from consultancy, systems integration, analytics services and data outsourcing capabilities to not only manage the data securely, but also provide the meaningful insights to transform data into diamonds. All these offerings are supported by an analytics platform (the Big Data Analytics Discovery Platform) together with relevant external technologies as a service to provide advanced data analytics models.

Our clients are creating new opportunities and exploiting their insight to reduce the risks in decision making, connect with customers and citizens better and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Experience and expertise

  • Global presence with more than 4,000 dedicated business intelligence and information management professionals.
  • Experienced data scientists providing meaningful insights and analysis.
  • Market leading Data2Diamonds™ framework — a blueprint for success in putting information to work.