Aviation services

Improved operations and passenger satisfaction

Planes and passengers must keep moving. Services must operate with maximum efficiency, amid increasingly rigorous security. This demands a lot of airports, airlines and the aviation authorities that oversee them, and this is where CGI can help.

Information technology is at the heart of solving these challenges, and CGI is working with clients across the globe to deliver the aviation services and solutions they need. Through our experience with all modes of transport, we have the solutions to manage operations on the ground and in the air. We can improve the effectiveness of your operations—and business—and ensure your passengers are more satisfied.

Aviation services and solutions

CGI offers a full range of aviation services and solutions  to position our clients for growth and long-term success. Targeted to airports, airlines, aviation service providers, travel organisations, air traffic controllers, aviation regulators, and aviation maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) companies, our offerings focus on four core areas:

  • Passengers: We help enhance the passenger experience from initial point-of-contact to arrival, providing solutions that manage journey planning, passenger information, online booking, self-service check-in, customs and more.
  • Operations: Our operations solutions enable real-time, efficient and secure operations, such as GO, our next generation airport management system, capable of reducing operational costs by as much as 80%. We also offer security solutions, from biometric control to cyber security, as well as retail and regulatory compliance solutions. In the air traffic control space, we deliver air traffic control systems that meet the highest regulatory requirements and industry standards. Our expertise includes advanced satellite navigation technology that is revolutionising air traffic control.
  • Assets: From MRO solutions to asset and real estate management, we help our clients maximise their infrastructures and other property investments.
  • Services: Our end-to-end IT aviation services include business consulting, applications management, systems integration, supply chain management and management of back-office operations such as staff rostering, in-flight retailing, cargo management, vehicle tracking, order-to-cash management, revenue accounting, HR, payroll and more.

Our aviation services and solutions are delivering the following benefits to our clients:

  • Higher yields per flight/passenger
  • Reduced queuing
  • Overall improved customer experience
  • New services development and rollout
  • Better integration of processes and systems
  • Cost-effective regulatory compliance

CGI’s aviation services experience and expertise

With 30+ years of experience in the aviation industry, CGI offers in-depth knowledge of the technologies vital to aviation operations combined with an understanding of the unique needs of our clients. We work to ensure that passengers have the smoothest and safest journey possible and that our clients benefit from the greatest possible operational efficiencies and business results.

Our experience and expertise encompasses the following:

  • Services to 4 of the top 10 major global airlines and 4 of the top 10 airports in Europe; clients include BAA Airports (which manages 5 airports in the UK, including Heathrow), Aéroports de Paris, Schiphol Airport and Aeroportos de Portugal, as well as leading airline carriers, such as Air France KLM, Lufthansa and Finnair
  • Work with major Global Distribution Providers (GDS), such as Amadeus, to develop innovative travel management systems
  • Implementation of the central air traffic control system used by NATS, a global leader in air traffic control, and delivery of the satellite constellation control facility for Galileo, Europe’s most significant air traffic control system in the last 10 years
  • Consulting and application management for the UK Civil Aviation Authority
  • Development of Pro Logistica, a web-based, enterprise-wide mobile retail solution used by more than 30 airlines worldwide
  • Work with some of the largest MRO and aircraft engineering companies, including Lufthansa Technik, KLM Engineering and Airbus.