Maximising road network efficiencies

Nobody wants to grind to a gridlocked halt or be smothered in a cloud of CO2. That’s why we’re working with governments, public bodies and transport organisations to introduce intelligent transport solutions that keep our society on the move.

Carbon emissions management and congestion management are the obvious focus – real time traffic information and journey planning and information dissemination are also set to play an important part in unclogging our highways. Safety and security are a given and so, increasingly, is road user charging.

And behind all of this lies the need for efficient business processes and information infrastructure – for example, application management, back office and billing information, systems integration and business process outsourcing.

CGI’s global scope and expertise in technologies ranging from satellites to asset management mean we offer a comprehensive set of services to government and road network managers.

Recent projects include new road toll and congestion charging schemes, the development of a time, distance, place (TDP) road user charging demonstrator and a feasibility study for a lorry road user charging survey. We are also part of consortia that researched co-operative vehicle infrastructure systems (CVIS) and – through the EU/ERTICO road charging consortium – provided technical validation for an integrated framework for road charging interoperability.