Rail and Public transport services

Addressing today’s challenges for future success

The demands on rail companies have never been greater. Passenger numbers are on the rise, yet aging infrastructures and decreased government investment are impeding modernisation efforts. Passengers also have higher expectations and are demanding more and better services.

Improved asset management and operational performance, along with making it easier and more enjoyable for passengers to travel, are critical to staying competitive. And, it’s possible to meet these challenges—for less cost, with a more empowered workforce, and while meeting the highest standards of safety and security—when you have the right technology expertise and solutions.

CGI is providing clients across the globe with innovative rail services that help them to optimise existing infrastructures and assets, run better operations and improve the passenger experience. We provide the expertise and solutions rail companies need to position themselves for future success.

Rail services and solutions

CGI provides a full range of services and solutions for railway operators and infrastructure providers, which we group into four key categories.

  • Passengers: Journey planning, smart ticketing, journey monitoring and real-time alerts, parking and electric vehicle charging, applied customer Insight
  • Operations: Real-time train location, smart ticketing, mobile ticketing and validation, integrated travel planning, settlement systems, on-train electricity metering
  • Assets: Enterprise asset management, mobile workforce efficiency, M2M infrastructure, supply chain optimisation
  • Services: Business consulting, systems integration, sustainability, supply chain management, order-to-cash management, enterprise resource planning, outsourcing, HR, cloud computing

Our services and solutions deliver value to rail clients across the globe, providing the following benefits:

  • More streamlined and efficient processes
  • Better integration of processes and systems
  • Increased asset effectiveness across operations
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Greater regulatory compliance for less cost
  • Innovative new travel models and services
  • Overall enhanced passenger experience

CGI’s rail services expertise and experience

CGI has more than 15 years of experience working in the rail industry and more than 650 dedicated rail professionals. Our expertise extends across the sector, covering all areas of operations for a variety of service providers within the industry.

Highlights of our client work include the following:

  • Leading provider of smartcard and e-ticketing solutions for rail operators
  • Lead systems integrator for handheld computer initiatives for the UK’s Network Rail, as well as the provider of a more efficient, controlled and transparent supply chain operation that has significantly improved the company’s frontline operations
  • Lead systems integrator for asset project planning initiatives for ProRail
  • Transformational work with DB Schenker Rail, Europe´s largest rail freight company, including the building of a new CIO organisation and the launch of a new enterprise service bus
  • Mobile asset management solution and mobile ticketing inspection solutions for French railway service and infrastructure provider SNCF
  • Vehicle information and subcontractor work reporting systems for Swedish railway MTAB
  • Prime role in the EURIDICE program, a European initiative supported by 22 IT and freight transport organisations to promote safer and more secure and efficient freight transport across Europe

Work with leading railway infrastructure providers, including Network Rail ProRail, French Railways Infrastructure Authority, Deutsche Bahn Nets, and Finnish and Swedish National Rail Administrations