Smart grids

Smart energy distribution

Ensuring the supply of energy remains secure, reliable and affordable means more sustainable ways to satisfy demand for energy have to be found. And that means the demands placed on the energy infrastructure are changing too.

The way that the infrastructure delivers energy to homes and businesses is being designed, built, operated and regulated is undergoing radical changes.

To achieve this will require more intelligence deeper into our energy infrastructure. Additional telemetry points on the network and smart meters in homes and businesses will generate orders of magnitude more data than distribution network operators (DNOs) have today.

At CGI we know how to overcome these challenges – we’ve been integral to the transformation of the British electricity industry since its privatisation and we’re building on that experience to help our clients plan for their future and take advantage of the opportunities it creates.

We’ve spent a lot of time understanding smart grids and what they will mean for our clients. We have carried out a number of surveys across the world to see how ready distribution network operators (DNOs) are for the smart grid. In this rapidly changing environment, our clients are combining their knowledge of their businesses with our deep understanding of the utilities markets in which they participate, to transform how their businesses operate and make the most of the opportunities all around them. The insight and cross-industry experience CGI brings provides a great place to start.

We find the future of energy an exciting place, as this sample of our recent electricity projects shows:

  • CGI is a partner in two leading European smart grid programmes:
    • The Low Carbon London Programme is recognised by IDC Energy Insights as an exemplar smart grid programme for promoting innovation in distribution networks.
    • The EDP’s InovGrid smart grid project in Portugal has been chosen by Eurelectric and the EU as a prime European case study
  • Full outsourcing support for two of the three largest UK DNOs
  • SAP in Utilities consultancy – we are SAP Global Service Partners, with more than 3,600 SAP consultants

Think Smart. Talk to us today or to find out more take a look at our Smart Grids for Dummies guide.